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Default Cat Travel Tips

A cat may be smaller and easier to "pack," but a cat has it's own special needs for traveling. I found a good page of tips for traveling with your cat:

A cat is not a born traveler. She would much prefer staying at home with a sitter stopping by each day to freshen the water, refill the food dish, and five a few behind-the-ear scratches. It is sometimes necessary, however, for your cat to join in the travel. Therefore, a carrier of some sort is essential.

If you can, while on a trip, take your cat for walks you may have to condition her to walk with a harness and a leash before you leave. No matter how secure she seems to be, it is always is to have an identification tag attached to her collar just in case she escapes from the carrier or the leash.

To read more of the article, go to: Traveling with a cat

Have a great day! Judy

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