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Cats like their habitats just the way they are. Sometimes it is necessary to travel with your kitty because of a long move, an extended trip or just because it's time to visit to the veterinarian's office. Here are some tips on keeping your cat safe and happy while traveling.

Transporting a Cat
1 There are two types of traveling felines: those that get carsick and those that get hyperactive. Some cats get sick in carriers; some feel safe in carriers. To determine the type of cat traveler you have, take some test trips prior to the vacation or dreaded vet visit.
2 After you have determined how your cat reacts to the car, it is important to help the cat get used to being in the car. First, start with just sitting in the car without the motor running. Next, turn on the motor. Last, take a short trip. Continue to take short trips to help them relax.
3 Some cats just get carsick. If you have a carsick cat, you may need to give it nausea medicine before taking a trip to the vet or on your way out of town. Give it to him or her well before leaving so it starts to work. Do not let your cat have food or water three hours before traveling.
4 Help hyperactive cats with a mild sedative. Again, give the cat the medication in time to have it start working.

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