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Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis

Dog Health & Care

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Old 08-25-2010, 07:19 PM
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Thumbs up Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis

A lot of recent studies have come out about how our dogs age and what we can do to help keep them mobile, happy and of course most importantly healthy. It's been said from many vets that around 30% of our dogs and cats have or will develope osteoarthritis, making it difficult for them to move properly without pain.
Some signs that your dog may be experiancing osteoarthritis are..
  • -Difficulty or adverse reaction to walking, playing, or going up stairs
  • -Falling behind you on walks
  • -General lethargy
  • -Difficulty or adverse reaction to walking, playing, or going up stairs
  • -Limping
  • -Difficulty getting up when laying down
  • -Signs of pain when petted or touched
  • -Aversive to any contacts

You can now order from amazon and probubly any pet supply glucosamine for your dogs. It naturally lubricates their joints allowing them more movement and freedom as it does for humans with joint problems.


Please do though keep in mind that before just buying a product like this to check into details such as ...
  • -Type of Glucosamine (sulfate, HCL, or 2KCL)
  • -Quality of the ingredients (superior quality, produced in a GMP certified facility)
  • -Method of delivery (liquid or pills?)
  • -Amount of Glucosamine needed per day
  • -The additional ingredients besides glucosamine
  • -Daily Cost

What are your thoughts on this 'wonder drug'? Would you be for giving your a dog a daily regamine of supplements? Have any of you already spoken to your vets or been recommended this?

Thanks for your opinions.. <3

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