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Bundles of Bunny Bath Time Joy

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Old 08-25-2010, 08:32 PM
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Default Bundles of Bunny Bath Time Joy

So I have been the proud pet mommy of two Dutch Rabbits for a couple years now. Ever since they were little it's been the same old fight. Clipping their nails and taking their monthly bath.
If anyone is a rabbit owner your well aware that sometimes you get bunnies who are very calm like my rabbit Cookie, or get rabbits like my rabbit Oreo who will fight you to no end when it comes to grooming.
I know a lot of people recommend wrapping them in towels but I was curious if anyone else had any other suggestions for how to calm your rabbit down before bathtime and nail clipping time.

For baths I've always used 'Bunny Bath' brand shampoo and I think it really does make their coats look great, especially in the summer when they are prone to shedding non-stop.

Thanks and I look forward to your opinions! <3

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