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The Problem With Pet Monkeys

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Old 04-25-2009, 11:33 AM
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Default The Problem With Pet Monkeys

I know that many people find monkeys interesting and cute and think they would make an exciting and exotic pet. There are many things to seriously consider before getting a monkey (or related species) for a pet. I found a very direct and objective article on line that makes many great points about having a monkey for a pet.

Some of the things discussed:

There is something irresistible about an infant monkey - they appear so sweet and helpless, and seem so much like a human infant in many ways. However, those sweet babies grow up into difficult adults, and as a general rule adult monkeys do not make good pets. Their intelligence makes them special, but ultimately makes them very challenging pets.

The sweet dependent baby monkey will eventually grow up, and become the wild animal it was meant to be. Unfortunately, raising a monkey around humans doesn't change the wild nature of monkey, and in fact depriving a pet monkey of normal social relationships with other monkeys can create behavior problems and neuroses.

Pet monkeys also have a tendency to bite. They have different personalities so one cannot generalize, but some monkeys will be very aggressive, and others will be more docile. Nevertheless, monkeys are unpredictable and may turn aggressively on anyone, including the person to whom they are the closest.

For more indepth information, you can find the rest of the article at:
Have a great day! Judy


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