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Retractable Leash

Dog Training & Behavior

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Old 07-09-2009, 08:14 PM
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Talking Retractable Leash

Our dog is such a pleasure to take on walks now that he has a new retractable leash. He loves having more freedom and walks much better with this new leash....no more cutting in front of me as he walks from one side of the sidewalk to the other. Wish I would have purchased it earlier.

Old 09-26-2009, 08:34 PM
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Default Retractable leash

I totally agree with you about how much better an retractable leash is then the usual short leash.
The leash that I was using for dog walks was one of those short ones. I didn't give it a second thought at the time but when I was given a retractable one I could see how much my dog enjoyed the feeling of freedom he got from being able to reach a farther distance.
Unfortunately he has gotten in the habit of pulling on it when he goes to the first two spots that he pees.
I'm not into the whole showing my dog that I'm dominant thing so I don't try and stop him by pulling on it to choke him or whatever but I have said no to him a lot when he does it. He gets it but he seems to have fun doing it. Like he's showing me were he likes to pee.
I do worry that he's cutting off his air way when he does it. He makes excited noises when he's pulling on it but I can also tell he's messing with his breathing.
Other then that he has plenty of extra room to run with his short little legs because I keep up with him enough that the leash never pulls on him.
He's a good dog that doesn't try and get away with things he's not supposed to and he knows good and bad behavior BUT apparently when he's on the retractable leash he feels in control more then when he's on a short leash and he wants to show me his two favorite peeing areas every time I walk him.

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Old 09-27-2009, 07:48 AM
Judy at Shady Grove Judy at Shady Grove is offline
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Default Great idea

I've seen so many of these in use but have not tried one myself - sounds like they work great for both you and your pet!
Have a great day! Judy

Old 09-28-2009, 10:51 PM
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Exclamation Rethinking the Retractable

I know that many people feel the retractable is the best thing out there! it allows their dog to "run free" while still being "controlled." However, I have seen too many instances where dogs on retractable leads have caused mayhem and danger. For instance, if your dog is not properly trained, he can use his new found freedom to run and jump on other people, into traffic, and even around bikers and joggers, causing dangerous situations. In addition, retractable leads put your dog out of arms reach, which makes it difficult for you to stop your dog from eating something dangerous, or if he or the dog he is greeting, becomes aggressive, you have no quick and easy way of getting him out of danger.

I have never agreed with, or used, retractable leashes and I have a fully trained competition obedience dog. The reasons I have just stated are just a few of things that come to mind on why not to use one, especially if your dog is less than perfectly trained. Retractable leashes actually teach dogs to pull!! How? when they pull, they get more leash, and more freedom. Since dogs learn through conditioning, the retractable leash teaches them that "if I pull, I get more freedom." This will translate to any type of resitance they feel, whether its a leash, a rectractable, or your hand holding onto the collar!

I also have a personal reason not to use one.

Skye and I were at an AKC show, vendoring my mom's wares as well as showing in Rally obedience. Skye was in her usually spot which was one of those fold up nylon "parade chairs." She likes this spot because it gets her off the floor and away from other dogs, she is not particularly social, unless the other dogs mind their manners and are polite, she does not like to rough house. So, up come this lady with a mixed breed dog on a retractable leash. First of all, only showing dogs are allowed at AKC events, so she should not have been there. Second, retractable leashes are not allowed either and this is why. This lady's huge dog, clearly mixed with mastiff and something else, started to charge toward Skye. I told the lady that my dog was a little shy and would not like a big dog advancing on her that way. The lady was like, "oh my dog is friendly, hes fine." I tried to tell her again, but since her dog was on the retractable leash, she could not stop him fast enough. He lounged, my dog growled as a warning to "leave me alone please" and her dog took it as a "play with me" noise and proceeded to stick my whole dog's back in its massive jaws. Again, becuase he was on a retractable, she could not pull him off from a distance, so we had to risk getting injured by getting into the fray to grab her dog's collar while my husband retrieved Skye from her dog's mouth. The lady did not even apologize!

I hope this will make you think twice before using a retractable leash. They should only be used by diligent owners with very well behaved dogs and never in crowds, where other dogs are, or any situation that is potentially hazerdous, for the safety of your pets and others.

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Old 10-04-2010, 01:11 PM
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Yes, they can be very dangerous things! It is also easy to have the leash pulled out of your hands, as you can't really have it looped around your wrist like you can with a regular leash.

They can be hard to see, and can easily trip others, and cause rope burns on there legs.

Sorry you and Skye were subjected to this. I hope it didn't affect your run. That could be a lot of money thrown away.

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