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This is a fun job but you desire to take it seriously on a weekly basis. As our featured contributor, you need to be at least one of the following:


Passionate about animals and enjoy sharing their health care, training, lifestyle, grooming, veterinarian and other pet experiences.


Committed to raising awareness on proper pet care as well as providing  green living, fashion and lifestyle tips to other pet owners and organizations.


Credible in the pet industry and have hands-on or educational background to draw from.


Knowledgeable in the their own pet field and have relevant experience and expertise to benefit from.


Dedicated to creating quality content that is user-friendly and search engine friendly.


Focused on nurturing our pet loving community through respect, support and help.


We already have a team of pet lovers including dog parents, cat lovers, veterinarians and other pet professionals who joined us and enjoy writing with us as our featured contributors. We welcome you to read along, join us and make money while having fun!