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Yeepet Buzz Club is a free club that allows you - either a pet blogger, pet business owner or manager to express your passion and love about pets, as well as share your pet tips and advice. It also lets you effectively promote your pet website or business (products or service) online for FREE.



We would like to invite you to become a member of our exclusive Buzz Club so we can learn more about your pet experience and anything pet related that matter to you.



As the leading pet loving information platform with a network of hundreds of top sites in our online distribution channel. Yeepet Buzz Club helps you reach out to a much larger online audience. If you have a busy schedule and are seeking professional blogs/articles, take advantage of our blog solution and see how it can help you to boost your business credibility.






For your pet site or business, you will benefit from your Yeepet blogs as follows:


1. Free advertsing. When you add your personal or business bio with the link to your site at the end of each blog you post on Yeepet, you get the best use of free advertisement for your pet site, business or service. Your posted content will be searched and read by a large number of our members and Internet users.


Or take advantage of "About the author" at the end of each blog and feel free to add your link there. This comes from your More About Me section of your profile. 


In addition, we will give you three (3) premium ad slots ($600+ monthly value) on your blog pages for FREE. You will need to provide us with your ad code or banner and the destination link(s)  



2. Free SEO. Your bio at the end of each blog will give you quality backlinks to your site. 


Your blogs or articles will not only appear on Yeepet, but also be distributed and shared with hundreds of other top sites across Yeepet network. 



3. Improve your personal credibility. Better personal credibility will help you gain more customers. If you provide pet services such as dog training, pet sitting, your personal credibility will greatly boost your business credibility. Your professional advice and tips described in your Yeepet blogs will let your potential customers know how experienced you are.



4. Monetary benefits. You will earn 100% of the online ad revenue coming from your pages and all the sales generated from your product listings on Yeepet. Find out more here about our 100% revenue program.






1. Sign up on Yeepet.


2.  Tell us your Yeepet username and start blogging! Make sure you read the blog content guideline below and understand what content is appropriate and what is not.


3. Send us your banner ad. We will post the ad on your Yeepet blog page.


To keep the ad up, you will need to post at least one (1) blog every week.






Our Blogs channel is part of our pet loving community so do NOT promote your business directly in the body of your blog post. Make sure:


1. Your blog posts are pet related.


2. Your write about pet tips and advice based on your personal or professional experience.


3. Do NOT advertise your business, products or service in the body of your blog post. A good way is to use the "About the author" feature displayed at the end of each blog. Complete your "About Me" under "More About Me" in your profile. This will be displayed in "About the author".


Build a trusing relationship between you and your audience. Feel free to recommend quality pet products or services related to your blog topics that the visitors find useful, and add links to your recommendations.


Any questions or comments, contact us today! We look forward to reading your blogs!