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Single, Caucasian (White)
32 years old  
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603, United States
Here for: Friends, Business Networking
Member Since: 04/26/2009
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Pets and Me
Pets I Have: Fish, Dog
My Pet Wishlist: More than anything, I want a horse. I have trained them for many years and there are many I wishI could have bought, but fiscally, that is impossible, so far. I have always wanted a Bull Mastiff, but if I ever buy any sort of pet, it will be a rescue.
I've Had Pets for: my entire life
Appearance and Personality
Height: 5'0"
Astrological Sign: Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 21)
Personality: Extrovert, Cannot live without a pet
Sense of Humor: Friendly, Dry / Sarcastic, Campy / Cheesy, Goofy
More About Me
About Me: I am a student in college and the only pet I am allowed to have in my apartment is my goldfish, Butch Cassidy. He is about a year and a half old and I am proud to say he was at one point a feeder fish, but he is obviously not any more. I have been riding and training horses for about 13 years and I specialize in wild/abused horses. It's not that I have no fear when it comes to horses, I just really want to show them that not all humans are horrifying.
I'd Like to Meet: anyone who loves animals as much as I do.
Interests: Arts, Books, Games, Hiking/Camping/Backpacking, Movie, Music, Sports, Other Pet Shows, Other
Life Style
Drinking: No answer
Smoking: No answer
Kids: No kids
Living Situation: With roommate(s)
Employment: No answer
Occupation: No answer
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PuppyLove (Posted on Thursday, 06/11/2009, 13:12PM PST)
hey i see your a horse lover, like myself, you should check out the forum i posted some positive news about horses in south america :)
ilydab91 (Posted on Wednesday, 05/06/2009, 07:59AM PST)
how are you
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