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Single, Asian
43 years old  
San Francisco, California 94104, United States
Here for: Business Networking, Friends
Member Since: 05/27/2008
Network: 8 friends and a total of 6 pets
Last Login: 06/28/2014
Pets and Me
Pets I Have: Fish, Cat, Dog
Pets I Had: I had a shih tzu and various cats before.
My Pet Wishlist: Salt water tropical fish.
I've Had Pets for: my entire life
Appearance and Personality
Height: 5'5"
Astrological Sign: Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 21)
Personality: Extrovert, Cannot live without a pet
Sense of Humor: Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
More About Me
About Me: Avid pet lover and active tennis player.
I'd Like to Meet: People who are like-minded, active and passionate about experiencing all aspects of life.
Interests: Animal Rescue/Support, Bird Watching, Computer/Internet, Gardening, Movie, Music, Sports, Travel, TVs, Dog Shows, Cat Shows, Other Pet Shows
Life Style
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Never
Kids: Not sure
Living Situation: Live alone
Social Style: Home Body, Shy at first, but warm up quickly
Employment: Full time
Occupation: Pet Related Profession
Pet Related Profession: Other
Training Received: Pet grooming
Credentials Awarded: Certified pet groomer.
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petlover (Posted on Monday, 10/18/2010, 13:15PM PST)
Cute pets! So adorable.
stewie (Posted on Tuesday, 05/12/2009, 06:53AM PST)
fab website !!! =D so when are u teaching me how to groom belle? :P
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