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Category: Cat, Breed: American Shorthair
Plumas, Manitoba Canada
15 years old
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Weight: 15  pounds
Color:Orange Tabby
Nickname: Fridz, Mr. Wiggle Butts
Profile views: 748 
Pet Personality
 Sleepy  Very Active
not Vocal Very Vocal
not Intelligent Very Intelligent
not Playful Very Playful
not Curious Very Curious

Favorite Food: loves all food

Favorite Spot: beside my Meowmy

Favorite Activity: playing wif my apple catnip toy

Pet Bio: Meowmy found me on Good Friday, 2005, in the hall of the apartment building screaming my little head off. She brought me home, showed me to Buddy and fed me. The owners found out Meowmy had me, so she had to give me back. They were crack addicted people who were only giving me milk, basically starving me. On Easter Sunday Meomwy went back to those people and told them she wanted me, and they just gave me up. Meowmy thinks I must have been taken away from my birth mother too young, because for the longest time I would suckle on one particular nipple every time I was going to sleep.

More Pet Info: I am a much loved little boy..I was lucky to have an older mancat at home who loved me right from the start and taught me so much..I miss my Papa and am now the oldest in the family and have three younger sisfurs who share my home with Meowmy, but there is no one like me in da whole wide paw world

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