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Category: Cat, Breed: American Shorthair
Martinez, CA 94553, United States
23 years old
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Weight: 9 pounds
Height: 1'0"
Color:Tortoise Shell
Nickname: Patchy-Cat
Profile views: 2268 
Pet Personality
 Sleepy  Very Active
not Vocal Very Vocal
not Intelligent Very Intelligent
not Playful Very Playful
not Curious Very Curious

Favorite Food: Dry food

Favorite Spot: My bed or my lap

Favorite Activity: sleeping or playing with pipe-cleaners

Pet Bio: Born to a litter belonging to a family friend, Patches has lived with us since she was able to leave her mother. We got her about the same time as the late Shetland Sheepdog, Davidson (also a puppy at the time), so they became fast buddies. They would chase each other around the house. And Patches often brought her catches (birds, small rabbits, mice) to Davy to eat. She has always been outdoor/indoor and has always been feisty. Often people mistake her for feral as she is missing the tip of her left ear, but this, along with her lack of one fang, is likely from various fights with neighborhood cats. I'd hate to see the losers. Lately, she has become more subdued, but she still packs a wallop if "rubbed the wrong way." She still goes out at night, and she still plays with pipe-cleaners (drowns them in her water dish) Other than that, she sleeps soundly, purrs loudly, and snores even louder.

More Pet Info: Missing tip of left ear and left upper fang. Takes no guff. Maintains her supremacy over the whole household by keeping the dog in line, getting up on laps despite what the lap owner may be doing, and waking me up in the middle of the night to let her out since she didn't feel like going out earlier. My sister calls her meow that of an old-smoker-lady.

Special Skills: Hunting, Marking with her cheeks what's hers, reminding me to brush my teeth and go to bed

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