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Category: Cat, Breed: Siamese
Lansing , MI 48912, United States
15 years old
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Weight: 7 pounds
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Favorite Food: Crackers

Favorite Spot: Sleeping on the very bottom of the computer desk

Favorite Activity: Getting attention!

Pet Bio: Porche is a 6 year old kitty that I adopted when she was almost two. When she was younger she was full of energy but now that she's getting older she sleeps much more but is still active. Her favorite thing to do is get attention. She will rub her face all over you and make you pet her and she loves to sleep next to me at night.

More Pet Info: Porche is extremely smart and knows how to open doors, give hugs, play fetch, always comes when called, and knows when she is doing something wrong.

Special Skills: Opening closed oors. :P

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