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Category: Dog
Daytona Beach, FL 32114, United States
18 years old
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Yeepet Pet Profile Votes: 4
Weight: 32 pounds
Height: 3'10"
Nickname: Bow
Profile views: 2476 

Favorite Food: Beneful

Favorite Spot: By her mommy's side

Favorite Activity: Watching TV with mommy

Pet Bio: I didn’t always live with my mom. I was born in a no-kill shelter, “Adopt-A-Pet,” in Homestead, south of Miami, where I lived with other dogs till I was one year old. Then Jasmin died. She was a Rottweiler who belonged to my mom, and my mom got very depressed and was looking to adopt. I knew this because the old guy who lived with them emailed me. He was JJ, a tan Lab who was pretty crotchety but he liked the girls, and we were pen pals, or email pals. My mom had placed lots of ads for another doggie and she got an email from this woman, Pilar, who was looking for a home for her Terrier, Moonbeam. When my mom went to the woman’s house to see Moonbeam, the woman was crying! She said, “I work such long hours and I have to leave her alone, and I feel so guilty!” But my mom is the smartest mom in the world. She’s a reporter and knows lotsa stuff. And she saw that Moonbeam had a doggie door to the yard and a big comfy bed and lotsa toys and she thought, “Nah, what’s wrong with this picture? The only one who’s unhappy here is the human!” Well, it was around Thanksgiving and I didn’t know how I was gonna celebrate. I wanted some turkey but they only gave us dry food. They treated us good though. Pilar called my mom the day before Thanksgiving and she was crying. JJ emailed me about it again. JJ didn’t like to put up with B.S. from humans. He wrote me, “Girl, I think you have a chance!” Pili, as my mom called her by then, told my mom on the phone: “I want Moonbeam to spend Thanksgiving with me, but the day after that you can come get her.” My mom then thought, “Never gonna happen.” Sure enough, the day after Thanksgiving Pili called my mom, crying again, JJ told me and I could see JJ was losing patience with all this. Pili said, “I’m sorry but I can’t give her to you. It would be like tearing out a part of my heart.” My mom was ready for this but she wasn’t ready for what happened next. Because then Pili said, “But I will take you some place to adopt a dog and I’ll pay for it.” So off they went to Homestead and to what I’d grown to think of as my home. And my mom kept looking at older dogs, and I was only a year old and I kept jumping up to her shoulder saying, “Pick me! Pick me! I’m the best one!” I’ve always had great self esteem even if I was born in a shelter. And Pili kept saying to my mom, “Look at this one! Look at this one!” Pili’s very smart too. So my mom picked me, and Pili paid $150 for me, which nobody minded ‘cause it goes to the maintenance of my other pals. Then I went to Pili’s house and met Moonbeam and we played, and then she gave me her email. And after that I went home with my mom and met JJ, the old guy. I liked to bite his snout, and he liked the attention. A few years later my mom and I moved to Daytona Beach, and I live here with her and with my sister Lilith, who is a Turkish Angora who thinks she is a dog. I have a personal groomer who comes to my house. Her name is Jennifer My cousin Moonbeam is a bad girl though. She emails me that she escapes from home and they call her mother from Macy’s. She goes there especially when they have a sale. And the people there call Pili and tell her, “We have Moonbeam!” She knows every sale there is. She’s a Miami kind of gal. The old guy, JJ, went to the Doggie Rainbow. I’m very sociable and like to meet all kinds of friends, both human and canine. My human heroine is Sandra Bullock. I'm pitching her a screenplay I wrote for both of us, “Speed Three: Race for the Bone.” We’re on first-name basis now. I call her Sandy. She calls me Silly Dog. I won’t forget any of you when I’m famous. After all, I used to live at “Adopt-A-Pet.” Go out and get someone like me. I’ll make your day!

Special Skills: Chewing on rawhide bones

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