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Category: Cat, Breed: Mixed Breed
Lisbon, Lisboa Portugal
10 years old
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Weight: 20 pounds
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 Sleepy  Very Active
not Vocal Very Vocal
not Intelligent Very Intelligent
not Curious Very Curious

Favorite Food: Dried chicken

Favorite Spot: My bed

Favorite Activity: Sleep

Pet Bio: Shadow was found abandoned next to a very famous football stadium from my city, he was clearly a house cat and would not survive if we didn't find him, he was starving to death and with a very severe diarrhea.
Shadow has been with us for 4 years now and counting! He is a very nice and lazy cat, no matter how much you try to exercise him (which we do almost all day), he just doesn't care! He has no hunting skills or instincts, or hides them like a pro.
He helped me a lot with my depression and I call him my guardian angel, I am such a lucky person for having him!

He has no breed at all.

Special Skills: Opening doors!

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