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Category: Cat, Breed: Siamese
LA United States
16 years old
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Yeepet Pet Profile Votes: 7
Weight: 11 pounds
Nickname: Shimonz, DaHeem
Profile views: 2925 
Pet Personality
 Sleepy  Very Active
not Vocal Very Vocal
not Intelligent Very Intelligent
not Playful Very Playful
not Curious Very Curious

Favorite Food: Anything with cheese

Favorite Spot: Mommy or Daddy's lap

Favorite Activity: Going out on the balcony to eat catnip and watch bugs.

Pet Bio: Simon was a shelter baby born in Magnolia, Arkansas. When I got him, he was on sale for $35, and I often remind him of that. He was a tiny little kitten, smaller than all his siblings, but he grew up big.

When Simon was about a year and a half old, I got married, and Simon also fell in love with his new daddy. Though it did take some time. Now they can't be separated.

When Simon was about 5 years old, we got his sister Annabelle, and the same applied. It was a rough patch when she was new, but now they play together all the time.

More Pet Info: Our beautiful blue-eyed boy is a Siamese mix. The vet thinks he may be a Siamese/Ragdoll mix due to his size, bone structure, and the fact that he does go limp in your arms when you hold him.

He is the most intelligent cat I've ever known, but with that comes mischief. He's always curious about the world and solving the puzzles it brings to him. He has an extremely strong bond with his parents, but unfortunately is nervous and aggressive around strangers.

He has been prone to neurotic tendencies like over-grooming, but while safe at home he is a very happy and loving cat. He's very vocal and will talk to and talk back to us all the time.

Special Skills: Simon can fetch (when he wants to) and has learned the word "jump" to jump over a broomstick as a trick. He loves training for it (he just purrs and purrs).

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